Make your own ringtone @

No need for the tools no advance or expert skill needed just the songs you like your computer and a modern web browser!

First thing first get to there you will find such a nice interface 🙂

have your songs in hand

Simply click on the upload buttonchoose your favorite song, click upload or anything that says ok button then wait for the upload to finish.

then use the upper part of control panel to customize you song to a ringtone by selecting the start point(marked by green arrow) and the end point(marked by black arrow) as you can see the buttons :

  • first one is for uploading it’s the start point of our process
  • the 2nd’s play all button
  • 3rd’s stop
  • the 4th’s play button but only play the selected part of the song
  • 5th : undo your action
  • 6th : redo your action incase you made a mistake undo
  • last one : repeat button, also to test your ringtone that it plays smoothly

The next 2 boxes are the length indicates duration of your selection, how long the song you select and minute of start and end point.

for those who just want to like cut the song for ringtone easy mode is more than ok, you can select bitrate  you want and file format to save as also the delivery mothod there’re three ways, download to your computer, send to your phone or send it via email just make a choice of your

Below are screenshots of advance and expert mode for those who want to play abit more with there ringtone advance mode may have a little bit less feature than expert mode, but for me easy mode is just more than enough when I don’t have my audio tools in hand.

when you are satisfied with the ringtone just hit MAKE A RINGTONE button then the dialog come in differences depend on how you choose to download.

such a great service 😉 making ringtone becomes handy! do this everywhere even at internet cafe’. 😀

Hope this help, much or less 🙂