Blog logs

This blog will be going to self-hosted soon


i decided to move this blog to paid hosting service (as i now found one that cheap  & meet the acceptable price  ;) )

so the address will be remain the same (for people who know it as that) for people browsing this blog via, then go

this blog will still be here but maybe or maybe no further update since the end of this month (Aug 2009)

maybe in the future we would have another domain pointing at this blog seperately.

blog’s moving


blog’s being transfered to the paid hosting service right now..

from nowon official blog would point to

this blog still remain for backup, but may or may not be that live updated :)

so, see you there soon ! i wish the process would not take more than 1 night here..


blog moved!


moving process’s complete!

thanks for visiting please  continue to